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              联昊通速递单号查询 爱查快递-把老师按在黑板上日-www.777.com.

                0121 694 6897

              Providing protection for professionals working in the Life Science industry.

              Established since 1992, PIA Commercial has consistently built a significant reputation as a commercial insurance provider by working closely with our clients to provide a wide range of specially tailored insurance cover for individuals and businesses.

              We offer cover for:

              • Professional indemnity

              • Product liability

              • Medical malpractice

              • Clinical trials

              • Employers and public liability

              • Business insurance

              • Insurance for working at home

              • Cyber Liability

              • Directors and Officers Insurance

              For Companies and Individuals working in:

              • Regulatory affairs

              • Medical Writing

              • Medical devices and products

              • Research and development

              • Bio-science

              • Academia and institutions

              • Drug delivery/discovery/development

              • Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics/Supplements

              • Diagnostics

              • Clinical trials

              • Healthcare/medical

              • Complimentary/Alternative medicine

              • Product development organisations

              What we can do for you…

              Most insurance brokers arrange all types of cover for all types of businesses. Because PIA only arrange specialist insurance for companies involved in the healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology industries we have forged a significant reputation by working in partnership with our clients to provide very competitive premiums.

              Our knowledge is your business…

              We have a wealth of healthcare industry knowledge through our experienced members of staff, enabling us to understand your specific needs and in turn quickly obtain the necessary cover required. Our service is individual, personal and tailored to your needs.

              Building relationships, building trust…

              Rather than being tied to one insurer we have, over time, built unique relationships with a wide range of specialist insurers allowing us to search the market in order to obtain the best cover at a competitive price.

              Products & Services

              From discussing your requirements with a number of quality insurers, arranging your cover, to policy wordings and claims handling.